Contract Disputes

Joel Amos Gordon has years of experience dealing with breach of contract claims and contract disputes. The laws involving contracts can be complicated and having an experienced attorney is essential to as quick a resolution as possible. Joel can help bring about such a resolution in your dispute

What is a Contract and Why is it Important?

Contracts are entered into every day.  A contract is an agreement that creates obligations enforceable by law. Every agreement involves a contract, and whether the contract is written or oral, it is enforceable with few exceptions. Both written and oral contracts are completely legally binding in most cases, although proving an oral contract can be much more difficult than proving a written contract.  Usually, the parties to a contract fulfill their contractual obligations. However, in some instances, a party does not fulfill their contractual promises.  This is known as a “breach” of that contract. Joel can help.

Working with Contract Attorney Joel Gordon

Expect the best from attorney Joel Amos Gordon. Contract litigation can be expensive, but Joel is willing to work with you to make the process as easy and inexpensive as possible. Do not let money be a consideration for you in pursuing justice. Turn to attorney Joel Gordon for all of your contract litigation needs.