Real Estate

Litigating real estate matters can be very overwhelming for many and no two cases are usually the same. Joel Amos Gordon has an understanding of real estate law and will be able to explain your case to you. Joel will make sure that your interests are represented in these disputes. From title disputes to landlord-tenant disputes to fighting foreclosures, Joel can help you with all your real estate litigation needs.

Real Estate Disputes

Attorney Joel Gordon can also assist with issues involving homeowners associations, foreclosures, landlord-tenant disputes, evictions, eminent domain, title disputes and boundary and easement disputes. If you’re facing a foreclosure, he has experience in presenting valid legal defenses to keep you in your home, such as violation of lending laws and foreclosure laws. If you’re a landlord who is seeking to evict a tenant, there are specific rules that need to be followed along with the filing of notices. Attorney Joel Gordon will ensure that all of the regulations are followed.

Without a doubt, the law of real estate is complex. Attorney Joel Gordon will help you understand the law and take the proper legal action. He’s also a strong negotiator who can assist with the mediation of real estate disputes. Not every case has to wind up in a courtroom. But if it does, Joel can handle virtually any type of real estate litigation matter, including disputes relating to:

  • Title: quiet title actions, easement or boundary disputes, adverse possession, trespass, nuisance and others
  • Oil & Gas: disputes relating to mineral interests, royalty interests, and other oil & gas disputes
  • Foreclosure: fighting foreclosure actions by lenders
  • Landlord-tenant disputes: disputes regarding eviction proceedings, lease interpretation issues, and other landlord-tenant disputes
  • Home Owner Association (HOA) disputes: disputes relating to HOA communities and Conditions, Covenants & Restrictions
  • Brokers and Agents: disputes relating to brokers and agents duties
  • Purchase and Development: disputes arising under purchase and sale agreements and development agreements
  • Construction: disputes relating to general contractors, subcontractors and related liens
  • Management: disputes arising under property management agreements

If you’re facing a real estate dispute, turn to the Law Office of Joel Gordon for the best legal guidance.